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Special Notices and Announcements

Just a quick public service announcement... After receiving some phone calls regarding

 snow removal, please note that Adams Township does NOT do maintenance of county

 roads.The township does not have the type of equipment to do any of the following:

 snow plowing of roads/streets, pushing back snow banks or opening roads/streets with

 a Sno Go (industrial snow blower), grading of gravel roads, or roadside grass cutting.

 The Houghton County Road Commission maintains the county roads. However, please

 have patience during the snow removal process as the Road Commission has a very

 large area to cover and has been working diligently to get roads widened after the

 recent snow storms.

NOTICE: February 28th is the last day that the Adams Township Treasurer 

can collect property taxes, after this date you will need to 

contact the courthouse for payment information



The 2017 Water Improvement project has started in Atlantic Mine. Please bear with us

 during this phase of the project as water service lines are replaced. 

There will be intermittent disruptions to water service throughout the project life. 

Lines will be replaced from the water main to the shut off in each yard. If your line has 

been replaced in the recent past with copper line, that line will not need to be replaced. 

**It is important to remember that the water line running from the 

shut off to the house is the homeowners responsibility.** 

If a homeowner is interested in replacing this line with a copper line, the

 homeowner must make arrangements to have this work done. 

Grants and low interest loans are available through Rural Development to assist with the replacement costs. 

Please click the button below for eligibility requirements for the loans and grants.

If you need additional information, please contact Shelly Grenier at 906-428-1060 Ext. 4

Beginning with the water bill you receive in March 2019 (February actual usage), 

you will notice a $1 increase in your water bill. 

This is because the "base" rate for water has increased

 from $25/ for the first 2000 gallons to $26/ for the first 2000 gallons. 

All other retail water rates will remain the same. 

If you have questions, call Heather at 482-4420 or stop in the office.


Starting with the August 2016 Water/Sewer bill, we will be conducting a water meter

 accuracy test. What this means is that all Adams Township Water/Sewer customers will

 receive a monthly bill reflecting the ACTUAL water/sewage usage EACH MONTH

rather than the alternating flat bill and actual read billing previously received.

Actual monthly readings/billings will continue in 2017. Response to this way of billing

 has been positive as it is easier for budgeting as well as identifying excess 

water usage issues. 

For the most up to date information, please refer to our Facebook page:

 Adams Township Public Works